Private Instruction

Please contact us for instruction at our studio or other local studios.

Group Lessons

We're available for group instruction. Please contact us for scheduling.

Ken and Sheana are particularly noted for their popular Dance with Style workshops covering a variety of dance technique topics in depth, mixed with choreographic examples.

We're also also available for choreography and technique classes in Social Ballroom, American Smooth, International Standard, West Coast Swing, Hustle, and Salsa.

Dance with Style Series


Unless noted otherwise, these classes are applicable to both International and American styles. Tango workshops are for International and American styles, not Argentine style.

  1. Swing and sway will make your dancing fluid
  2. Rotational swing will take your dancing to the next level
  3. Posture, partner orientation, and frame in the swing dances (W,F,VW,Q)
  4. Posture, partner orientation, and frame in Tango
  5. Don't turn that turning step! ("There is no spoon." - Spoon boy, the Matrix)
  6. Dance movement dynamics - standing leg and leg swing
  7. Musicality - express yourself!
  8. Rise and Fall in Waltz
  9. Rise and Fall in Foxtrot
  10. Tango Walks - make Al Pacino jealous
  11. Tango frame and connection
  12. Tango - rotation without swing
  13. Neutral is your most important position; get rid of "stuck shapes"
  14. Natural Turn in depth (Waltz)
  15. Double Reverse in depth (International Standard, Foxtrot/Waltz)
  16. Foxtrot Fallaways in depth
  17. Fallaway-slip-pivots in depth
  18. Natural Weave in depth (Foxtrot/Waltz)
  19. Quickstep beauty and control

West Coast Swing

  1. Who's Leading? Make your WCS a conversation. Also: stealing the lead, and gifting the lead.
  2. Make your whip as smooth as silk. Followers will thank you!
  3. Hitting the breaks.
  4. Using syncopations.
  5. Musicality.
  6. Connection.
  7. Posture, balance, and form in WCS.
  8. Pattern families. If you know one, you'll automatically know a dozen variations.

Choreography Classes

We're available to teach beginning and intermediate level classes in these dances.

  1. Nightclub Two-step
  2. West Coast Swing, basic instruction as well as these special topic classes:
    1. Sugar push revisited.
    2. Uncommon whip variations.
    3. Lunge lines.
    4. My favorite patterns (this week, anyway).
  3. Salsa
  4. Hustle
  5. Swing (Lindy Hop/Charleston)
  6. Waltz (American and International style)
  7. Foxtrot (American and International style)
  8. Tango (American and International style)
  9. Quickstep
  10. Viennese Waltz
  11. Rumba (American style)
  12. Cha-Cha (American style)