Dance Shoes

Proper shoes are a must for dancing. Proper shoes allow you to pivot on the ball of your foot, glide across the floor, and support the foot correctly for dancing. Proper shoes are an important investment to avoid injured joints. Above all, avoid running shoes or any shoes with a gum rubber bottom!

Ballroom and Latin Shoes

Most leather or suede bottom shoes should be adequate. Shoes specifically for ballroom dance, however, are best. Until you've obtained proper shoes, you can dance in your socks.

So called ballroom practice shoes are best for class. No need to spend a lot on glitz.

Dance shoes should not fit loosely, but more like a comfortable glove. You're dance shoe size might be ½ size lower than your normal shoe size. But note that manufacturer sizes can vary so it's best to try them on in person before buying.


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Swing (Lindy Hop) Dance Shoes

Warning: Don't wreck your knees (and your dancing) with gum rubber soled sneakers!

Do-it-Yourself POPULAR

  1. Buy canvas sneakers such as Converse, Keds, or Vans or grab an old pair of sneakers from the back of your closet, and
  2. Add a sole:
    • Local cobblers can add suede soles, or
    • Order Stick-on Suede Soles (below), or
    • Get some felt or suede from a fabric store and glue it on yourself (Barge cement or other contact cement works well), or
    • Cover soles with duct tape!


Ready Made Swing Shoes